The Phenomenon of “Harry Potter Himself”: Marketing of Harry Potter

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Exciting new extra content will include fact files, profiles of favourite characters and line illustrations exclusive to that house. Available for a limited period only, these highly collectable editions will be a must-have for all Harry Potter fans in About the Author J. Rowling is the author of the record-breaking, multi-award-winning Harry Potter novels. Loved by fans around the world, the series has sold over million copies, been translated into 79 languages, and made into eight blockbuster films. In , J. Rowling has written a novel for adult readers, The Casual Vacancy and also writes crime novels under the pseudonym Robert Galbraith.

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Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. Quidditch Through the Ages. Add 3 Items to Cart. Rate Product. Best covers Good quality Gives you a real feel as if you are Harry Potter himself, and the editions,like this Slytherine one, gives you a bonus content inside So buy it and go check it out Bishal Saha Certified Buyer , Raiganj 9 months ago. Priceless edition delivered in impeccable condition. Extremely satisfied with the delivery service as well as the inventory and prices.

Keep it up guys! This book has additional information about slytherin house for all the potterheads out there However apart from that, it is the same book with no illustrations. Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer , Chennai 11 months ago. The best edition of Harry Potter Series. No formal introduction is needed. Just BEST!!! Flipkart Customer Certified Buyer , Lucknow 8 months ago. Questions and Answers. Q: what's the difference between same book and two other edition.

2. Summary

A: They are the 20th anniversary edition of the same book with different covers representing each house of Hogwarts. Neeldeepsinh Jhala. Rowling and her works won much fame. All these things like literary awards, sales figures and reports in magazines and television make Harry Potter books successful. High sales figures arouses interests of media. The media attract attention of members of juries. Literary awards causes interest of media again.

Don't ever tell me 'Harry Potter' is just for kids. You're wrong, and I can prove it.

It is a really magical circle. Klaus Fritz ,who has translated the Harry Potter series into the German language, told that nobody can explain this success.

The following pages I give short characterisations of the most important characters of the story in order to represent the different profiles. I only describe the most important character traits, otherwise my term paper would be too large. But Harry is an extraordinary child who is skilled to become a great magician.

Harry is an 11 year old boy with black hair, green eyes framed by a pair of glasses and he has a scar on his forehead which was the result of the horrible wizard Lord Voldemort who killed his parents. Harry is very honest and loyal because he fights against injustice.

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From the fact that he does not defend against his cruel relatives you can see that he is not aggressive and 30 accepts his life. Harry is also very modest because he does not know another life than to be suppressed and humiliared. In the magic world of Hogwarts he behaves brave and clever and he personifies love, loyality and trust. In short, Harry is the hero of the story. Ron is very tall with red hair and freckles. He is the sixth of seven children in his family.

His brothers have been very successful at Hogwarts, so he feels stressed and thinks that he has to be good as his brothers. That makes him appearing poor because his family expects him to do as well as for example Percy who is a prefector or Fred and George who always have good marks. If he did something very good it would not be something special because it was maybe already done by one of his brothers. On the one hand he appears shy and a little clumsy because he has problems to fly on a broomstick but on the other hand Ron is a faithful friend and is always prepared for an adventure.

Hermione is a good friend of Harry and Ron. From the fact that she has learned the school books by heart you can see that she is a hard-working and bookish girl. In spite of her cleverness Hermione is sympathetic and is very moral demanding. And cleverness! There are more important things - friendship And bravery - oh Harry - be careful! Draco is a cunning and jealous boy.

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He loves nothing more than to see Harry and his friends fail. He betrays Harry and makes jokes about Ron.

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From this behaviour you can see he is a nasty and malevolent boy who wants to get more attention. They do not like Harry and treat him like dirt. Everything they want, is to be normal, so they conceal from Harry he is a wizard. Their spoilt son Dudley is always dissatisfied and self-centered although he gets everything he want from his parents. In short, Dudley is the opposite of Harry: greedy, stupid and heartless.

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Summing up, the Dursleys are a typical petty bourgeois family who wants to have prestige in society and mistake that with real values. Hagrid is the gamekeeper at Hogwarts. He is a half-giant with long black hair and warm, good-natured eyes. Although Hagrid looks he is trustworthy. Harry and his friends like him very much. Unfortunately Hagrid has a weakness for drinking alcohol. The consequence is that he is sometimes drunken and it is easy to use him to get important information.

But usually Hagrid is a gentle person who likes large and ugly creatures like dragons, monsters or centaurs. Severus Snape is the Potions teacher at Hogwarts and head of the Slytherin house one of the four houses at Hogwarts. Many pupils fear him because he appears like a dark wizard and he behaves mean to the students.

Harry is the one who gets picked very often by him. Later Harry finds out that Snape saved his life when Voldemort and Quirrel tried to kill him. In general Snape is conscientious and has a good character. He seems to be nervous and frightened but he is allied with the dark Lord Voldemort. Quirrel is the helper of Voldemort and has cruel intentions in order to get more power. First, Harry feels sorry for him because he always stutters when speaking.

She looks strict with glasses and her black hair is pulled back in a bun. She has the ability to transform herself into many creatures, especially animals.

The Rise of Harry Potter

The reason why she prefers to change into a cat is that she has many character traits of a it. McGonagall is delicate and uses her sense to take action. Although she is strict, she tries to be fair. Albus Dumbledore is the Headmaster at Hogwarts School. Physically he has long white hair, a white beard and wears always a long green or red wrap. Dumbledore is the most powerful wizard at Hogwarts because he is omniscient and he is able to do everything with magic.

The character is presented as highly-educated, peaceful and very wise. Many people think he is a little mad because of his sometimes mysterious way of acting, this is the reason why he is often underestimated. But Dumbledore is feared by dark wizards, they know how great his power is. He represents the High Magic.