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A sunny afternoon calls for a stop in at the Stockie, on the corner of Edward and Charlotte streets. The rooftop terrace and bar hosts live music most nights and DJs on Sundays. Drop in on a Thursday night for its student night special on beers and fried chicken. Thirsty Thursday is the uni night where anything from well-known DJs to toga parties are on offer. The Sunday session also kicks on in the beer garden. Any day is a good day to go to Rics Bar in the Valley mall. The bar comes alive on weekends with live music inside and a packed-out beer garden until the early hours of the morning.

Visit during the week to take advantage of daily food specials and happy hour drink prices. A Sunday sesh your gran might almost approve of. Live DJ sets at Sunday Lyan, with old school hip-hop on vinyl. If you're after booze, we're loving the BC3 Negroni - think beeswax and honey. If you wanna start early doors, try Dean Street Townhouse - it opens at 8am.

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This is a Sunday spent in style - brought to you by the Soho House gang but you can actually get in here without bedding a media type. The breakfasts are banging and the Bloody Marys are awesome. BarChick could happily spend a sunny day here hanging on the rooftop supping the extensive cocktail menu - we went straight for the Justin Timberlake. For bloody good caveman-like feast, head to this basement in Soho , brought to you by an ex-Hawksmoor guy Gorden Ker, who sure knows how to cook a bit of meat.

Sundays are jolly here. Sunday lunch is a must-do - these guys are serious about their meat. Credit: Dillon Facebook.

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Inside, Dillon has two dark-lit levels, both of which are pretty small and enclosed. This means that on a rowdy weekend night, the bar itself actually gets pretty hot inside, with patrons dancing and moving around. If you're looking to spend the majority of your weekend night at this famous whisky bar, I recommend getting there early to up your chances of finding a table. Thankfully, the staff at Dillon are polite, well-rounded and professional, as are the bouncers who dutifully act upon drunk or disruptive customers. Credit: Boston Facebook.

Boston is another favourite of mine, for no particular reason other than that I am seemingly drawn to it at the beginning of any night out. Unlike many of the other city bars easily profiting off the country's tourism boom, Boston has managed to maintain its calm and inviting atmosphere. If you do happen to stop off at Boston, I recommend not a drink but instead the large tabletop book that displays photographs of the bar and its patrons over the last two decades.

39 Best Rooftop Bars In Sydney

Inside are hundreds of black and white portraits showing the full range of characters who continue to call Boston their home away from their home. Simply flicking through it gives you the chance to appreciate an excellent photographer, as well as the opportunity to gain an insight into the history of the bar itself. Credit: Gaukurinn Facebook.

Gaukurinn is an LGBT-friendly, heavy metal dive bar, famous for its eclectic cabaret acts, drag shows , stand-up comedians and live bands. Gaukurinn tends to attract a mixed crowd, though the conservatives amongst you might find the place a little too open and full of love for your liking. Weekdays at Gaukurinn are surprisingly quiet; in the corner of the room, you might find customers playing video games, chess or even reading. Come the weekend, however, the place quickly livens up to become a heaving and sweaty mass.

Credit: Kiki Queer Bar Facebook. The club attracts everyone; all ages, sexualities and tastes, and is a staple visit amongst many on a weekend night.

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Given Iceland's safety, it should be stated that LGBT travellers will be safe wherever they wish to drink, with Kiki's even coming off as a little 'straight' for a gay club or so I hear. Regardless, entrance to the bar is usually free, making the establishment more and more attractive the more you drink Very quickly, you are bound to succumb to the positive energy of the bar, dancing away to the bouncy eighties hits, sipping on the cocktails upstairs, conversing happily and making new friends on your travels. Credit: Bar Ananas Facebook. The walls are painted with large tiki illustrations, colourful birds, exotic fruits and hula dancers - in many respects, having a drink at Bar Ananas is like a small holiday, a break from the often sub-arctic weather so typical of Iceland.

As the name suggests, Bar Ananas is an establishment focused on pineapples; they cover the walls, they lend their shape to the bar's lighting and glasses, they make up an integral part of the cocktails for which the bar is so famous. The "Basil-Gin" cocktail, the "Flamingophant" and the "Smokey Bay" are all delicious and deserve a night's attention alone.

Despite its fairly expensive pricing outside of Happy Hour, KEX Hostel is one the finest places to stop for a drink in the city. The bar is housed in a former biscuit factory and decorated with a higgledy-piggledy array of found household items.

A Complete Guide to Reykjavik's Cheapest Bars & Happy Hours

KEX has a number of benefits. It has a lovely beer garden, complimentary bread, interesting visuals and, more often than not, live events. Every Tuesday evening, the bar fills up with people to watch an intimate jazz session with local musicians. Who can put a price, after all, on six shots of Jager? You just relax and enjoy yourself; the night is still young. Credit: Pasevichbogdan.

I should also take a short moment to clear up any misunderstandings that may have arisen from this session. From across my desk, I just heard that AM is witching hour to many people. On the one hand, thank you, thank you and thank you again. On the other, liquor of any kind cannot be bought from any other corner shops or supermarkets in Iceland unless you count 2. Most are open from to , though there are a couple licensed to stay open until The drink has also leaked its way into pop culture; the Foo Fighters mention it in their song "Skin and Bones", Michael Madsen sips at it in Tarantino's "Kill Bill: Volume II" and late-night host Jimmy Fallon picked it as the drink of choice to toast his engagement.

If I were promoting a connoisseur's attitude, I might go into each beer and detail them, but somehow I can't escape the feeling that drinking beer is too similar to sex in that regard; describing it doesn't quite match up to the experience itself. I suggest purchasing a beer platter; that way, nothing has to be missed.

If you happen to fancy a cheap drink whilst out in town, there is nothing handier than being able to flick out your phone, check the map and make your merry way. And so, from me to you; a toast to your successes, to the adventures ahead, and to Happy Hour itself! Book your trip. Rent a car.

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