The Gay Baby Boom: The Psychology of Gay Parenthood

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The Gay Baby Boom : The Psychology of Gay Parenthood

The Complete Buddhism for Mothers. View Wishlist. Advances in gay rights coupled with increased availability of alternative reproduction techniques have led to an unprecedented number of openly gay and lesbian parents. Estimates are that between 6 and 14 million children in the United States are being raised by at least one parent who is gay. Yet, very little is known about how gay or lesbian headed families function, or whether they differ in any relevant ways from families headed by straight parents.

Written by two developmental psychologists, The Gay Baby Boom reports the findings of The Gay and Lesbian Family Study, the largest national assessment of gay and lesbian headed families. By asking participants detailed questions about the way they parent, the authors are able to describe for the first time exactly what takes place within gay and lesbian headed families across the county.

Première Gay Baby Boom, film van Pim Mookhoek over kinderwens bij gays

Traditional research has tended to assume that there is something uniquely different and potentially psychologically damaging about children being raised by gays. The authors draw on their data to show these fears unfounded. Product details Format Hardback pages Dimensions x x Add to basket. The Lavender Scare David K. Hoover's War on Gays Douglas M. Uncomfortable Labels Laura Kate Dale. Queer Objects Chris Brickell. In the Closet of the Vatican Frederic Martel.

The Gay Baby Boom

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Donaldson Adoption Institute. Another 20, children are adopted each year from overseas, but many countries — like China — won't allow gay couples to be parents. And only about 15, infants are available for adoption in the U. Therefore, the largest number of children available is through foster care — about 50,, most of whom are older. But many gay men, like lesbians and some single women, want a biological connection to their child. It wasn't until the last decade that gay men have found not only the cultural acceptance of gay parenthood, but the availability of gay community centers and support networks.

Today, the group has families, 45 percent of whom have adopted and 24 percent who underwent gestational surrogacy. Another 20 percent of the couples have foster children who were later adopted, and about 8 percent share parenting with a lesbian couple or from a former heterosexual marriage. The club provides a mentoring program for couples thinking of having children, provides a news chat group and holds a monthly "pot luck" dinner for families.

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The gay parenting culture has so quickly changed that at the last gay march in Washington, D. Many of the same-sex parents were men. They are so happy they can participate in the decisions. Growing Generations receives thousands of calls each year from 20 countries and takes on to clients. About 98 percent of the couples use in vitro fertilization with a donor. The average couple can expect a pregnancy in two attempts; about 60 percent are "pregnant" on the first embryo.

If the couple wants more than one child, partners alternate whose sperm will be used with a donor egg. Others choose to mix their sperm and leave the rest to nature.

The Gay Baby Boom

On their first date, the couple discussed having a child. Miller, who is white, and his partner, who is African American, chose to use a white egg donor with his partner's sperm. Through photos and video, they carefully selected a donor whose physical and personality characteristics matched Miller's. The surrogate was a year-old lesbian who had a 2-year-old son. She agreed to breast feed Quentin and will have a continuing relationship with the Miller family. The egg donor, also a young woman in her 20s, signed a contract that would allow Quentin to contact his biological mother at the age of Since the birth, Quentin has been surrounded by grandparents, aunts, uncles and a female nanny, who will help the Millers after their paternity leave ends.

The couple said they might consider another child, perhaps with Miller's sperm next time.

Richard Paulson, chief of reproductive endocrinology and infertility at the University of Southern California. Egg donors are often college-age women in their 20s and, through in vitro fertilization, the egg is placed in the uterus of a something woman. She might be too old to be an egg donor. But it's simpler that way. Surrogate agencies around the country now provide "one-stop" services where gay men can find an egg donor and a woman to carry the child. One such couple — a research doctor and his partner — have just conceived their first child, according to Paulson.

For David, who flirted with becoming a parent, but eventually decided against it, gay men are the ultimate parents. The American Psychiatric Association, as well as a dozen other other major medical and social organizations, are firm in their position that homosexuality is "neither a disorder to be treated nor a disease to be cured.