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The main point of the Rules of 3 that we have to concentrate on the most immediate problem first.

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There is no need to think about food if the main threat to your survival is hypothermia because your clothes are wet. If you are alone, you may have only about three hours to live. You should also carry a medical identification card or wear a medical identification bracelet that tells others about your allergies.

When I was a kid, a several families were having a cook out. The kids were playing and the adults were sitting in the shade just doing what people do. As he took the next drink, he swallowed the bee which stung him inside the throat. His throat started swelling and in a matter of minutes, he was having a very hard time breathing. The paramedics were able to open his airway and also gave him epinephrine to counteract the anaphylaxis. Now all epinephrine injectors and inhalers require a prescription.

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Note: We have just learned of a new product funded by the US Navy to improve survival rates of soldiers on the battlefield by providing emergency Oxygen. A single-use LifeFlo kit should be with every first aid kit and fire extinguisher in your home, office, car, boat, RV and with your emergency supplies. I have a good friend who lost his sister because she choked to death on a piece of steak. She was eating with friends, but none of her friends were successful using the Heimlich maneuver and none thought to attempt an emergency tracheotomy.

The young woman died on the floor right in front of them. They all claimed to be sober and drug free. You can try giving yourself the Heimlich Maneuver by bending over a hard surface like a chair, counter top, log or large rock. Otherwise, you are at the mercy of your companions. If I were choking, I would hope my friends would also try even a crude tracheotomy before letting me die.

Perhaps one of the best things we can do is to make sure we have first aid training so we can help others and to make sure the people we spend the most time with are also trained, so they can help us if needed. Remember, may all hope to be heroes, but we always fall to our lowest level of training in an emergency. Are you trained? As long as everyone was breathing okay, our lost trail riders first priority should have been to make sure that no one in the group was in danger from exposure to cold or heat.

They all survived the night because the weather was good and they were able to build a fire. It is also a good thing they were at 3, foot mountains and not at 9, feet. Having proper shelter is a top survival priority. Several years ago about 25 miles from here, two people on vacation went out for an afternoon hike above 9, feet on a beautiful September day.

The weather did change, the clouds rolled in, visibility decreased and it started snowing. Nobody knew they were missing until their plane arrived in Atlanta without them 5 days later. Their bodies were found the following Spring. Nobody knows for sure what happened, but they must have been cold and wet.

They did not get back to their vehicle and they must not have been able to build a fire. A PLB Personal Locator Beacon device would have brought the cavalry on the run, but they were probably already dead before morning. Most of us probably never think about finding ourselves in any of these survival situations, but according to the best sources I can find, it is more common than you might think.

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Over 8, people die in the U. In addition, an average of 1, people die from exposure to cold or heat each year in the U. According to IDC10data.

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Before midnight? Before sunrise tomorrow morning? Remember that you may be making a huge assumption if you think getting back to your car is getting back to civilization. This is survival Before you get yourself into a situation that you need someone to help to get you out, the most important thing you could do is make sure that someone knows where you are going and when you will be back.

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After several days, someone might realize you are missing, but they will not know where to start looking. Now, I always include a PLB in my survival gear since my niece was injured in a snow machine accident read my I wish I had a PLB story and anyone that spends time in the backcountry should too. The family that has been missing in the Nevada mountains were found alive Tuesday afternoon. Lee Loader reloading kits are great for anyone that wants to try reloading without spending…. I always carry Frog Toggs with me, winter or summer. They are super lightweight, wind and water proof and are made of a material similar to tyveck that we applied as a weatherproof barrier for houses in Alaska before applying the siding.

I keep them in all of our families emergency bags. Good Advice. Better to have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Good endorsement for Frogg Toggs. I removed your website link because too many links on that site do not work. Some smile about the 3-Years-Timespan. I also am in search and rescue. The 3 rule is a common thing but not real, but more of a scientific [academic exercise? Being in harsh weather varies there is no 3 hours on something without measure, it can be 3 minutes or 3 weeks depending on the weather. Also people can die far under par. Ranger: Thanks for the comments.

I added the [academic exercise? If that is not what you meant, let me know. No doubt, there are many cases where people survived longer than 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, 3 hours without shelter and 3 minutes without air. Heck, there are people that can hold their breathe longer than 6 minutes. The whole point is to prioritize because of the magnitude of the threat. Click here to find out more! Learn more with knowledgeable instructors. We offer workshops and other events throughout the year. TruPrep Emergency Preparedness. Compare Products. Food is an essential part of any plan.

The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to check out our Food Guide for more information on choosing right food solutions for your needs! Water is one of life's most basic needs.

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Without it, nothing else matters. We have solutions to store it, carry it, treat it, and filter it. First Aid is important whether you are preparing for a hike or preparing for a disaster. From large to small, we have you covered. No matter your goal, tools are an essential part of any preparedness plan. Power when you need it using the power of the sun. Will rated it it was amazing May 02, Dennis Tiu rated it really liked it Feb 05, DeadEye rated it really liked it Sep 26, William Peverall rated it it was amazing Oct 26, Lincoln rated it liked it Aug 16, Mike R rated it it was amazing Mar 06, Jim Wood rated it did not like it Feb 15, Mike rated it it was amazing Feb 22, Susanne Derf rated it it was amazing Oct 23, Margo Mekler rated it liked it Feb 07, Carolyn Moore MD rated it liked it May 20, Apr 23, Charles Hoffman rated it it was amazing.

Short and simple. Read it and you're bound to pick up something helpful from it. No connection here but may be another helpful tip is to always carry a couple of regular size bandaids in your wallet or purse. You may be surprised how many times you'll be able to help out. Bryson rated it liked it Apr 05, Ben Parker rated it liked it Dec 25, Joel rated it really liked it Feb 23, Jason Seal rated it it was amazing Jan 17, Murray rated it liked it Jul 11, Christopher Rice rated it it was ok Nov 24, Matt rated it liked it Dec 03, FM Donald rated it it was ok Nov 12, There are no discussion topics on this book yet.