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Many Lebanese expressed admiration for how they worked towards bringing down a wall of fear that had divided citizens. Volunteers helped set up tents and distribute water and food to demonstrators. She spoke of the revolution as purely organic — by the people and for the people, distinguishing it from other protests in the country. The power of knowledge and the power of people came together.

Diala Shuhaiber, a Kuwaiti photojournalist in Beirut, said the movement stands out as being organised and unified, with protesters overwhelmingly waving Lebanese flags rather than flags of political parties. That is almost unheard of, especially when one hears or understands the level of suffering and trauma that they have been through.

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Isle of Man. Ivory Coast. Korea, Rep of South. There is no separation. And doing it as a whole means that we subsidize enterprises that truly consider the planet and the health and welfare of its inhabitants. One thing I am convinced of: to live in these times and work towards positive change is nothing less than heroic. To be heroic; one must have courage. This is the essence of being a hero. And this is the kind of hero we all need to be in these times.

And, quite often, being courageous means we face demons in ourselves and in our society with resolve—resolve that they no longer will be running the show. Maybe one creative way we can shift our perception of them is seeing that being in charge for them is a burden and we are doing them a favor by releasing them of that strain! Eisenstein says in the video that Love is the felt experience of connection to another being and that shared creativity and gifts bring us together and facilitate this experience of connection.

The expansion of the self is to include each other.