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Congressional committee criticized the USDOE, exposing how vulnerable its information systems are to security threats. I encourage you to watch the proceeding. Currently, federal student data is NOT secure. Monroe County already participates in the sharing of student data through associations with Certi-port, Achieve , iReady, iStation, and more.

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These are vendors that are known to collect and distribute student data. Who are they sharing the data with? Do we know? We do not. An amendment was added allowing Commissioner Stewart to expand the program to other counties.

Mingis on Tech: Data breaches in a world of 'surveillance capitalism'

They are expanding the program before they have any data on its effectiveness. In Florida, to my knowledge, There has never been a legislative workshop devoted to even discussing what CBE involves. It has embedded testing within the curriculum that collects hidden streams of data via unknown algorithms. Stealth, continuous data—collected by vendors, can be shared with third parties—parental consent not needed.

Those data are then analyzed for signs of student engagement, boredom, or confusion, leading a computer avatar to respond with encouragement, empathy, or maybe a helpful hint. The measurement of social and emotional competencies, like grit, perseverance and tenacity, is a stated goal of the USDOE. Measurement of these non-cognitive competencies is already embedded into education programs.

Monroe has spent millions of dollars increasing our technology capabilities under mandates from the state. Initially we were concerned that all these computers were used for little more than testing and test prep. The mandates may, actually, have been in preparation for CBE.

Current pilot programs include teachers as facilitators but soon taxpayers will wonder why we need to pay a professional to monitor students engaged in primarily an online education and a move will be made to hire a less expensive substitute. By then high quality teachers, stripped of all professional decision making, will have already left the profession in droves. We have been allowing our children to participate in this huge data gathering scheme which has the ultimate goal of destroying public school as we know it. Students need face to face interactions with humans.

No computer algorithm can allow and encourage the creative mind. America has prospered because of creativity and ingenuity. We must fight to keep that in our schools. We need to stop participating in the system designed to destroy our schools. It IS the complete destruction of public schools that Representatives Fresen and Perry have envisioned. Do not expect prestigious private schools to institute it. And it will make a few people ultra rich. It is the start of a Brave New World and we need to keep it out of Monroe County until and unless long term data from these pilot studies demonstrates its effectiveness.

In the meantime, I ask that you protect our children from the data grab. There should be significant discussions regarding whether their risks outweigh their benefits. While asking for input in writing these remarks, these two remarks were particularly worthy of repeating in full:. From an Electrical Engineer by training, Information Security Professional by career choice and Software Engineer, having developed many commercial applications.

Your definition of CBE is far too generous and idealistic.

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In other words this is just a three letter word that represents a profession teaching being codified into a linear progression of computer steps. There is far too much faith that this will somehow magically create a more learned student than what a dedicated human being can.

Academic outcomes of for-profit virtual charter schools

If we let them use our kids to perfect this technology: teachers will look and act more like electronic librarians or proctors. Going to school will look a whole lot more like Startreck the search for Spock when Spock was brought back as a boy and forced to relearn a lifetime of knowledge downloaded into computer based CBT and CBE. Computer Programmers are quite prone to being godlike — in commanding and getting their own way — after all they are creating their own alternate reality through their profession. People truly are not getting what is happening because mainstream media is keeping this very very quiet.

Look at Colorado. One of the advanced states. Check out Teach to One Math. Check out Carpe Diem. Las Vegas is one of the most expensive places to host a conference both for attendees as well as the conference itself.

Profit Before Kids - Center for American Progress

Because of all of the company changes we were very late getting to work on MAX, and less expensive venues were not available. I am not interested in getting into a debate about the policy of not compensating speakers. I just want to correct the perception that the conference is somehow a money maker. It isn't. Granted nobody wants to go vacation there, but the conferences for me are about the event, the community aspect, and the SPEAKERS more so than the city. Having the event at arguably one of the most expensive spots in one of the most expensive cities seems like a bonehead decision to me.

Sacrifice the venue to get the best talent, pay your speakers expenses, tell the execs they need to stay at a 3 star hotel instead of a 5 star for a few nights.

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Aral: "Conferences that make a profit off of the backs of speakers without meeting this minimum standard should not be rewarded for their exploitative policies. It's worth noting that Daemon does not run conferences professionally, and to date webdu has not been a profit making exercise. Given that you applied to speak at webDU, in the full knowledge that we did not pay expenses, and given that we did everything to assist you in defraying your costs at that time I find it astounding that you have made the statements you have regarding webDU and its "exploitation" of speakers.

Don't get me wrong, we're very happy you made the trip. When you sweat bullets for something that is esentially community driven it sends you reeling when you get comments like these thrown your way. I'm very grateful to those previously "exploited" webDU speakers who have since contacted us personally with words of encouragement.

I mentioned that WebDU also doesn't pay speakers expenses, that's all. It was a statement of fact and I stand by it. If all these conferences are not making a profit, there's something greater wrong here. Perhaps Linda or Sean should start running courses on running a profitable conference because they seem to be doing quite all right by it. And I don't say that to be sarcastic -- if these conferences are truly not profit-making there's something wrong and it should be addressed. We're happy with our investment, we just take umbrage with your assertion that we don't respect our speakers.

This is obviously a touchy subject So I'll try to chose my words carefully ;- So let's see Max is not making any profit especially this year 'cause Las Vegas is an expensive city for both the host and its attendees Then the first thing that pops to my mind is: "Why do it in Las Vegas? Don't get me wrong, I'd love to come to Vegas 'cause well But then I start thinking that the entrance fee has never been lower and that speakers apparently never been paid so I guess it's not only Vegas' "fault". I guess it all comes down to perception.

What people think about how much money is made on such an event. A perception that may very well be biased by 1 the entrance fee and 2 looking at the sponsor packages. When I left school, I first started working for an event-company so I do know how much an event costs and those costs are not always seen by the public.

But if, back then, I could have organized a better event and cheaper for both the host and attendees by moving to another location, I would have certainly considered that. Bottom line There will always be people who are willing to speak at such events at no costs for the host. Hell, I'd have to admit that I wouldn't think twice if they asked me. But you probably only do that once. The next time they call you, you will first think about the costs involved and decide later if it's worth it.

This must have been the longest comment I ever wrote on a blog ;- by Serge on All conferences are marketing events. Attendees and sponsors pay a lot of money to help defray the costs, but the truth of the matter is, whether the event makes money or not is irrelevant.

At the end of the day, more software will be sold.

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I doubt that most of the conference knew Al was there or who Ze was thank you Google for helping me remember. How are Al and Ze any different from the other speakers?

Many of us commenting here are in the same boat. We work very hard to be the best at what we do. It may be worth noting that in past, they did cover expenses if you did a pre-conference training day in addition to your presentation. But they also charge extra for the training. Adobe's stock was up to the sky already Macromedia had made a fortune in profits, year after year And now Adobe, the 'behemoth titan' is really set to overhaul dynamic content and change the web in a way not seen since its inception Every seminar, whether online or a 3-day event in Vegas, is a commercial-promotional vehicle for Adobe, with the goal of selling 'more' software to 'more' multi-user prospects.