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Although sharks may inspire fear and loathing in many of us, we might be missing a few vital points. While stories of shark attacks usually make the headlines , such occurrences are rare , and calls to get rid of the creatures may be misguided. For example, rather than poisoning foxes and culling kangaroos, why not consider the solutions nature provides? Dingoes can control fox and kangaroo numbers for free, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

This is just one example of how ecological research can lead to better outcomes. Clearly, others agree with Dr Ritchie. He and his colleagues won the Eureka Prize for Environmental Research for their research about how dingos may well be an environmental saviour. They also keep a lid on smaller predators too, so dingoes keep fox numbers down, meaning smaller mammals such as bilbies have an increased chance of survival.

It brings meaning to our lives, and the more we lose species, the more this meaning disappears. Imagine famous art galleries and museums without their works of art and treasures. I want to be able to look my children in the eyes and say we did our best at preserving all that is wonderful about this world. We need to start early and think about how we can engage the general public.

Forests prevent floods, store carbon, help provide clean drinking water and of course give us air to breathe! I suppose they make many choices in their minds before they ever get to the point of actually assaulting a child or anyone who is vulnerable, but there were a series of choices and in the end, they chose to destroy rather than protect.

One of my offenders was an elder with a degree in Bible from a well-known conservative Christian university. But by the time he finished his degree, he had molested his sister for 3 years, molested two of my cousins, raped an adult woman and date-raped his girlfriend.

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And all that was 6 years before he got me. To my knowledge, he was never caught or reported. Decades later his felonies were discovered as family members started talking. But nobody ever told the church or the authorities. We all thought each of us was the only one. It takes more than viewing one interview to determine if a case is valid or not. The evidence is overwhelming that victims in this case were led to say things that were motivated by receiving large settlements. You, of all people, should be applauding his efforts, since you no doubt were in groups with such perpetrators.

If you still have repented, then you are not in the same category as those he is discussing. You took advantage of a teenager, which you no doubt recognize as the selfish act for what it was… you manipulated her… and you no doubt did know she was a minor a little more honesty on your part would be needed. But, you also run the risk of aligning yourself with pedophiles with such comments. You of all people would know the difference between a selfish pig and a predatory wolf.

I would recommend a little more brokenness on your part. No one who has not passed into deviance ans sociopathy likely psychopathy would be inclined to sexually perp on a child. You only become that perverted by design. The short answer is for them to be discipled like Jesus did for his men, in a small group.

Having worked with thousands of sex offenders, there is no confusing the different categories of sex offenders. The child sex offender knows that last place they should ever be is around children, so, if they are genuinely changed, they would never presume to worship in a traditional church service.

Dear Boz T; While it is true that one cannot exonerate Sandusky because 1 he was otherwise a good Christian man 2 Dottie was possibly oblivious 3 John Z. YOU CAN come to the reasonable conclusion that he was not guilty of the crimes he is convicted of by close examination of the facts surrounding the case. This is a very complicated task and not one which can be done quickly.

There was no way for the jury to guess that most of the original accusers had been so influenced and that none of them had any true continuing memories of any abuse at all. If the offenders are willing to have their pastors visit, study the Bible with them, and pray with them, should the pastors do so? Does that affect how the pastor should interact with the offenders? What message would that send to the victims?

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I am going to guess you have not spent much time working with those who have been abused. The phenomenon of repressed memories is absolutely real, and it is similar to what we have described as amnesia. Though there have been some instances where clients have been manipulated by naive clinicians, that in no way changes the reality that memories can be pushed out of conscious awareness.

It is the most common thing for a child to unknowingly do as they deal with the trauma. You might want to look into the diagnosis Dissociative Identity Disorder for a better understanding of how deeply trauma from perpetration can run.

I am grateful that you so aptly described the MO of the majority of sex offenders. I found this piece thru a link the pro offender groups e-blasted to each other. They do this with the ultimate goal of abolishing the registry. This is important due to the image that the Unsuspecting public holds about Pedophiles.

We have multible failures that must be addressed.

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Sandusky was indicted as a result of an independent grand jury investigation. A jury of his peers found him guilty beyond a reasonable doubt of 45 counts. The evidence included multiple victims who, unlike Sandusky, were willing to testify under oath and be cross-examined. There was also significant corroborating evidence including two eyewitnesses who saw Sandusky anally raping a boy. In the investigation, Sandusky made a number of incriminating statements. Feel free to assert. As is the case with many sex offenders, you choose your words carefully. I hope your congregation asks you for these additional details and checks your statements against any investigation and court records.

This assault by those who use the legal system as justification to allow offenders nearer and closer to their victims will be the major catalyst for future abuses in this arena. We cannot ignore or under-estimate a ruling by a liberal judge that in one fell swoop can decimate the protectionisms we have gained, even if those protectionisms are minimal. Your identification of Rudy makes sense, and all the more highlights that Jimmy knows of what he speaks. The public needs to be aware that those who have perpetrated upon children have crossed the point of no return… that is why Jesus pulls no punches over what they would be better off experiencing than to sexually offend against a child.

That is why he uses uncharacteristically strong language for this issue. It is the result of years of hardening their conscience, suppressing truth in unrighteousness, and consuming vast amounts of ever-darer and more vile hard core pornography.

A Shell Game Played With Christian Predators

There is no exception, and that is the dirty little secret the child predator attempts to hide from the average person. In many ways the requirements for lifetime registration as sex offenders amounts to overkill. Young adults who had sexual contact with older teens do not belong on the list — in some cases for a few years perhaps but not a lifetime.

Poor judgment, sure, but lifetime registration is a bridge too far. Of course there is no realistic expectation this will change anytime soon. You get it, Jimmy!!! God bless you!!!! Clearly he is in bondage to sin and needs our prayer, yes! It will only come through brokenness — through facing hard truth head on and taking….

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The many contrarians on this thread must have seared consciences: to be ignorant and yet assertive of their own non-facts, to evade the truths they cannot dismiss, and to pass over damaged children!! Sooner or later, those who support predators will be held accountable for it. If you believe in God, it must be. Your assertion is simply a distortion of facts.

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As one who has worked with sex offenders in the PA prison for over 10 years, you have distorted the reality of the situation. And, there is hope for them as they demonstrate a new track record, but they also would NEVER harm a child. In fact, they are the ones most disgusted with the pedophiles.

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Life time registration compares nothing to the lifetime effects of their abuse on kids. Stop defending those who do such acts. In fact, you should seek forgiveness from the Lord for putting yourself opposed to Him on this…. Your unfortunate ignorance of the well documented impact of trauma on kids simply shows how callous you are, and how you are eager to cover for those who would perpetrate such trauma. I would be very careful to examine your heart, to discover what has driven you to so minimize the effects of such evil.

As one who has degrees in both Biblical studies and Counseling as you pointed out , I would recommend you spend a little more time researching. My pray for you is that you come to have the same heart for survivors that you sound like you have for those who the Lord feels should have been drowned in the depths of the ocean than having perpetrated. The Lord is truly rageful on your behalf against your father, and He will see that justice is done… one way or another. Jimmy and I understand the depths of evil which was perpetrated against you, and your fraudulent evil father would have been executed by the assembly in Israel.

Those who are driven to minimize the impact of abusers simply align themselves one way or another with evil. That is a very scary position to be in, especially in light of what the Lord said should happen to someone rather than they perp on a child. Take heart, that we will continue to do our part to shine the light of Truth on these predators. Having read your responces, I would have to say that your reaction to what has been written feels very much like the push back and protests from the perpetrators I work with in my High Intensity Sex Offender Treatment groups.

If I were you, I would find myself very uncomfortable knowing that, and wonder how you have become so driven to defend perpetrators virtually at all cost, despite very clear and sound logic re. The impact of the trauma sexual perpetration is well documented, so it is readily available if you care to investigate the effects of abuse, and the very normal phenomenon of dissociation.