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Something that is anathema to a fringe neosocialist-green cohort.

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No — Joshua — there is a mathematically certain risk in a complex, nonlinear, coupled chaotic system that shifts every few decades…. Their brains melt. No Joshua — the borg collective needs to be certain of catastrophe to sell their stupid fringe agendas. We are committed to the Millennium Development goals. This is an ambitious agenda that includes cutting poverty and hunger in half, ensuring that every boy and girl in the world has access to primary education, and halting the spread of AID S — all by President George W.

There are very simple ways forward. Specific micro-nutrients for kids for instance. Mosquito nets. Efficient solid state stoves. Cheap sanitation. If you bothered to read the Bush era document — it is predicated on encouraging trade and open and democratic governance. I told my fair lady, a mathematician, Simply extrapolate the Southern California atlas. Buried right in the centre of this cake of apparent good sense…that little poison pill of warmism. The confounding of CO2 with actual pollution seems to have been achieved after a couple of decades of solid propaganda…so why make oneself needlessly unpopular with those skeptics?

That little warmism pill is kept deliberately tiny here, and you might miss it, but the cost of swallowing that pill is more massive white elephants to trample economies. If the waste and economic deterioration go on, it matters not if they are afflicting the rich or the poor.

The Pragmatic

All people everywhere are entitled to reduce actual pollution and reduce it now. Nobody should waste resources on phantom pollution and its phantom consequences. And if you are in any doubt that this is, at base, a heavily moderated warmist tract flavoured to appeal to skeptics:. Bangladesh has been at particular risk since God made deltas, but someone needs to tell the author that the Maldives are out of the climate refugee business and into the business of air-freighted caviar for zillionaires.

Well spotted, mosomoso, I had similar reservations, scattered across my posts before I read this. The size of the slices of cake fit the sizes of the participants exactly so what is the problem? Without the morality or righteousness there is no imperative for action. The ethical way to view what someone who did something harmful but before anyone realised it was harmful is very clear. It is now clear that the predictions of the mathematical models were all wrong. Instead of the monotonic rise in global temperature predicted by the scientist consensus, we have a flat result since which leavrs the consensus in disarray.


See his lecture here:. In reality, maintains historian Jacob Darwin Hamblin, the movement and its dire predictions owe more to the Pentagon than to the counterculture. This awareness emerged out of dark ambitions, as governments poured funds into environmental science in search of ways to harness such natural elements as animals, bacteria, plants, and even the weather to kill millions of people.

Hamblin presents his research, which is rapidly changing our understanding of the Cold War and the birth of the environmental movement. This history adds to the debate and tells us something about the U. The climate debate is all about false moralizing. It is portrayed by environmentalists as an end-of-world scenario when it is nothing of the kind. Technology already exists to sequester CO2, to turn it into food, to turn it into fuel. Why are those approaches not being pursued with the utmost vigor?

We could have fish food plants attached to power plants adjacent to fish ponds and thus create a virtuous circle. But, no, the eco-freaks want to end our production of CO2. It has nothing to do with CO2. It has everything to do with the hatred of modern life and a childish belief in some idyllic agrarian past. It is a religious battle pure and simple, between the simple-minded and modernists. Countries will do what is pragmatic under the guiding principle that burning all known fossil fuels is not the direction to go.

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That should work. What exactly does this phrase mean? I have never been able to extract any sensible definition of it.

A price on carbon? A tax on CO2 emissions I can understand and vehemently disagree with. Absolutely nonsensical, simply a brain-dead marketing phrase, beyond comprehension as there is no sense in it. As human beings grow from embryos, they accumulate various carbon compounds as body bulk. Is there a "price" on that?? That being said, the author at least was promoting a more decentralized approach to what more and more appears to be a non-problem. This is a step in the right direction. Jim, it will mean a decentralising of the white elephant business. But we need to stop the breeding of white elephants altogether.

There is nothing wrong with alternative energy or mitigation but it would be just like our climatariat to come up with the wrong mitigation suggestions for the wrong set of problems.

We have known forever that we need to engineer against the worst moods of nature, but not all people have the wealth, smarts and resolve of the Dutch. You need wealth, will and horse-sense. And you need engineers with that most valuable of all practical experiences: saying no to architects. While I appreciate the conciliatory tone of people like Mr.

Indeed, we can write this guy off as a green loon. An ornamental bird at best. More a whistle than a quack. Wells talks about a failure of pragmatism and perspective, but I think he has some failures on both counts. Cannot be both pragmatist and green it seems.

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Pragmatism is at the other end of the colour spectrum. Of course. Tax the rich.

Only the rich! They deserve it, the bastards, for becoming rich by exploiting the poor. Off topic Paul K at the blackboard has some interesting findings on Best data being inappropriately used. Steven Mosher was discussing it but has then gone quiet. Seems to have struck a nerve Has implications for Cowtan and Way misuse of data.

Worth a look ,Judith.

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Dr Curry…. I feel that literature and cinema can help us through the impasse of all this and help readers and viewers to come to better understanding of what we are facing. Your blog post in set this off. This term is making the rounds now on Twitter and Facebook and other social media platforms like Pinterest and U-tope, etc, and it has possibilities, possibilities.

Sci fi writers might like it, especially those who want to use their sci fi savvy to tackle climate issues but do not want to go full-fledged cli fi yet.

Brothers in pragmatism: riding the wave of change in the Arab spring | World news | The Guardian

So bet it. On va voir, as they say in France. So whoever coined this term might very well be on to something, because if the term does not exist online yet — and why not? Could happen. Go figure! It rattles around in the trunky. Daniel, I suspect that the sub-genre will not have enough traction to warrant its own name, particularly if the climate science fear bubble bursts, as I would hope.