PAPS HAUNTS, A Ghost Story

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Eric the Ghost. Evil Ghost Lady. The Exorcism Ghost. Faceless Ghost in White. A kid sees a terrifying ghost in his bedroom Father Gasser's Ghost. Father-in-Law's Ghost. Figures Through the Window. French Spectre.

10 True Ghost Stories to Tell at Night

Gardener Ghost. Generous Ghost. Ghost Brothers. Ghost Hitchhiker and Car. Ghost in a Nightgown. Ghost in the Lightning. Ghost in the Photo. The Ghost in Yellow Pajamas. Ghost Lady in the Mountains. Ghost Looks for His Car. Ghost Monk. The Ghost of The Columns. Ghost of the Old Havana Club. Ghost's Suicide or Murder?

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Girlfriend Ghost. Growling Mystery. Hanged Man's Voice. Housekeeper's Ghost. Incident at Ghost Lake. I Shot a Ghost. Lots of Ghosts. Mad Scientist Phantom. The Man Did Not Belong.

Midnight Knocks. Midnight Sprectre.

The Mirror Incantation. The Monkey Saw the Ghost. More Ghost Knocks. More Kilowatt Men. Muerto Salme. Musical Ghosts. The Obsessive Ghost. The Old Ghost. Old Woman Apparition. Pap's Ghost. Paranormal Paranoia. Peculiar Visits. People in the Kitchen. Phantom Cousin. The Phantom of the Truck Stop. Phantom Pedestrian Crash. The Plastic Face. Restroom Ghost. The Rokurokubi. The Sad, Beautiful Ghost. The Sad White Lady.

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The Scream for Help. They must protect her from demons who want to capture her to take on her special powers. However, a new threat arrives, and Trinity joins forces with Zayne, a Warden from another clan, in order to save her family. Fans of "Dark Elements" will be excited for Zayne to find romance with Trinity, who is a strong character with good instincts. The action and suspense build with each chapter, making this a compelling read. Readers will anxiously await the next installment in this series, and libraries will find it difficult to keep this one on the shelf.

Fans of the "Dark Elements" trilogy will enjoy revisiting this world with the same characters. Here There Are Monsters. Gr 9 Up —Skye is 16 years old and is tired of playing childish games with her younger sister, Deirdre. After moving, Skye starts to make new friends and start a new life, while Deirdre lives in the past in her fantasy world, building creatures in the woods.

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One night, Deirdre disappears from their home and the search for her begins. Can she do it?

We went ghost hunting in a haunted museum – here's what happened

Both Skye and Deirdre are a little difficult to relate to—Deirdre isolates herself, while Skye at first seems indifferent to the fact that her sister is missing. That aside, the action starts right away and quickly draws readers into the story.

CHO, Kat. Wicked Fox. This makes Miyoung half gumiho—and half human.

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Though raised by her mother, Miyoung is drawn to humans as well, wondering about her missing father and hating that she must kill in order to live. But one night she strays from the rules, saving the life of Jihoon, a human boy who was attacked by a goblin, and all does not go according to plan. This is urban fantasy as readers have not seen it before: steeped in Korean folklore but with an added layer of contemporary Korean school and home life, appealing not only to K-drama fans but to lovers of fantasy in general. Dealing with themes of family, loyalty, and trust, the book has a unique setting and premise.

House of Salt and Sorrows. Gr 8 Up —An accomplished first novel, equal parts gothic fairy tale and romance. Teenage Annaleigh and her seven sisters live in their ancestral house of Highmoor with their father and stepmother, the Duke and Duchess of the People of the Salt. Desperate for some happiness and an escape from their island community, the girls find a hidden passageway and begin a series of secret nights dancing their shoes into tatters at darkly splendid balls.

Well-described settings with rocky shores, obsidian fireplaces, and satin gowns bring this magical realm to life. First purchase for school and public libraries. Gr 8 Up —Ernshaw succeeds with a spellbinding tale of love, murder, and the occult for teen readers. Nora Walker, her mother, and every Walker female for generations have been labeled as witches for their mystical interactions with nature and their outcast status in the community. Nora is living alone in her rustic family home across the lake from the Jackjaw Camp for Wayward Boys when she discovers a body in the Wicker Woods.

In time it is discovered that one boy is dead and one is missing.

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The malevolent timbers become more than a convention of setting, but a brooding, spectral character itself. Themes of first love, alienation, right vs. The Missing Season. The official story is drugs, but the guys at the skate park tell chilling tales of a child-killing creature called the Mumbler that lives in the marsh and is blamed for the Halloween disappearances of troublemakers over the last two decades.