My Name Is Hardly-Book Two of the My Temporary Life Trilogy

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There are moments that I will cherish long after this book has been read.

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The writing is sharp, human, and heartfelt. The camaraderie and loyalty between the main characters are striking and touched me in such a way that I can't describe. It is all about the brief shining moments and little victories. That is the beauty that exists between these characters. The story of Hardly has many layers and I am ever so grateful Mr.

Crosbie was ambitious enough to bring this character to life. Now I can only wait and look forward to the third book in the series. Yes, I wanted to stop. I didn't want to pour booze into myself all the time, but how do you do that. How do you be twenty-one years old and not drink? How do you be in the army and have mates and not drink?

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How do you sleep at night without thinking about things that happened to you when you were a little lad and not drink? How do you breathe without knowing there's a pint waiting for you at the end of the day, no matter how bad things get? Related Searches. Adrift: Book One. In the last days of the 21st century, as the dwindling population of Earth struggles In the last days of the 21st century, as the dwindling population of Earth struggles to survive, one final act of terrorism destroys the human home-world, sending an unprepared moon colony on an intergalactic journey into the far depths of View Product.

Two weeks before Christmas, Becky gets what she always wanted. James proposes to her and James proposes to her and promises that they'll have lots of Christmases together. When Stephen returns home after serving overseas all he wants is to spend Christmas with his new wife, Hot Rod: A 5 x 8 Unlined Notebook.

This vibrant journal provides plenty of space to jot notes on your hot rod rebuild It was also inspired by a Well Told Story commenter! Thanks, Sarah!

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Just as a side note, this post is geared towards unpublished writers who are looking to be traditionally published for the first time. In most cases, the time to start submitting your series is after you finish the first book. At this point, you should have a strong first novel that gives you a good sense of your characters and a trajectory for your series.

Finish your book before you submit anything! This would allow you to really tighten, polish, and present a complete story for publication. However, there are two reasons why I would advise against this. First, your editor is likely to suggest changes to your first book that will significantly impact the later books in your series. These changes can affect any or every aspect of your book, including character, plot, and world building. But if you want to be published, I would suggest putting those plans on the back burner and focusing on a new project entirely.

When you go to submit, there are two things I recommend having ready:. First, a plan for the second book. Everyone involved knows that the editing process of the first book may change things, they just want to see what your vision is at this point in time. This is the follow-up to Ellis Island; the first book of the series.

This book unfolds the story of a brilliant woman. She lived with her husband, John, during the s before he suddenly passed away. After that trauma, Ellie Hogan took the decision of leaving Ireland. She went back to New York City when there was nothing left for her to stay in Ireland.

Ellie only went back for her husband and now that he was gone, she left again. Upon arriving back to America, Ellie sought distractions from her grief through the loud ambience of the city. Little did she know about the Depression that came sweeping off the city.

The First Page

Due to the crisis, the city was no longer as energetic and lively as it had always been. Since her life had changed forever, Ellie decided to make use of the changes and run a home for the homeless. She used it as a work to distract herself as well as build a new life and passion. Interestingly, she received the support and love from the people she cared for.

They also made great friends that helped her get through her grief and develop herself. But, joy was not as sustainable as she hoped for it to be. Her past tragedies came haunting her when an unexpected person showed up to her door. Here comes the third and last book in the series of Ellis Island; Land of Dreams. This one is set in the s when Ellie Hogan finally reached the American Dream.

However, things took a downward spiral when Leo, her adopted son, eloped. He was in the pursuit of fame and fortune that Hollywood life promised. Ellie followed her son in an attempt to keep her family together. Through the process, her youngest son, Bridie, had to experience a constant relocating. Upon reaching LA, she built a new home for herself; a fashionable one. She became recognizable among the celebrities and artists of the city. Ellie made new and different relationships with Suri and Stan. Suri was a pretty woman from Japan with attractive vibes that taught Ellie a lot about her unjust country.

On the other hand, Stan was a film composer. He was the type of man that Ellie had never met in her life. Kate Horsley was born in Richmond in Virginia back in As a kid, she loved reading and her mother was the one being inspiring that habit. The first novel she wrote was a dedication to her mother.

But, her later novels, five of them, were a dedication to her deceased, Aaron. He died in at the age of The book reveals the tale of an Irish nun, Gwynneve, who was isolated in a stone cell at the monastery of Saint Brigid. There, she spent her time documenting the memories of her pagan youth in utter secrecy. In fact, she had an assigned task to rather document and record the times of Patrick and Augustine. Through her documentation, she mentioned her sturdy mother who had a talent with healing plants. She actually inherited that from her mother along with her inner strength.

The one that introduced her to the vagueness of writing was her druid teacher, Giannon. Despite the isolation, events took place and kept intervening with her documenting mission. The best writer that combines big romance with historical fiction. Most of his books involve love stories between strong heroes and heroines. However, his book, the Irish Warrior, is among the top Irish historical fiction. He watches his men die before his own eyes. Right after, the English Lord, Rardove, captivates Finian.

He holds him hostage, unable to ever break free. When Finian least expects it, he receives assistance from a beautiful woman, Senna de Valery. The two of them risk their lives by trying to flee. While they did at first, troubles awaited them outside. They now depend on each other to survive; they go seeking a safe haven. Both of them try to resist their urging desire and lust for each other. Finian takes an oath to protect Senna; the woman who saved his life. However, Senna seems to have a buried secret that Fenian will soon find out about.

Leon Uris is one of the most prominent authors who enthralled the world with Irish stories. He is apparently working on making the history of Ireland alive. Learn more about Leon Uris. Uris have charmed his readers with several popular 20 th -century classics. Trinity is a stirring tale of a young Catholic rebel who had a cause.

Along the way, he meets a pretty Protestant girl who flouted her legacy and traditions to support him. The novel revolves around victory that costs valuable matters in return.

It also involves a tale of love and danger, narrating how people were divided by faith and class. Lorna Peel is an English author who grew up in North Wales. Currently, she lives in the rural areas of Ireland. Thus, we can see her setting her historical fiction novels in both Ireland and UK. In , she will publish the third book in the series, A Discarded Son. Learn more about Lorna Peel. This one is no exception; it is one of the Irish historical fiction that includes eternal love.

Based in in Ireland, there was a Faction fighting by that time.

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That crisis divided the community of Doon; some followed the Donnellans while other followed the Bradys.