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Mia is known for her sometimes shy and down-to-earth personality, though on occasion Mia shows herself to be quite sarcastic and sly. Mia also speaks to her self described flat chest, 5-foot-9 height, upside-down-triangle-shaped hair, and extremely large feet. She also has a tendency to over-analyze things and worry too much. Mia's spends her afternoons throughout the series with her grandmother Grandmere in princess lessons, which attempt to teach Mia the finer points of being a princess.

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These lessons range from making more princess-like Mia's sense of fashion, food, and relationships, and also inform about royal duties such as her visits during school breaks to Genovia and the events she must attend and speak at as a royal throughout the year as well. Mia develops an interest for writing during the series.

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Later in the series, Mia writes her own novel called Ransom My Heart , though she composes many poems, lists, and even screenplays throughout her years of writing in her diary. Mia, having been raised almost exclusively by her very liberal and feminist painter mother, is very socially conscientious; She is a vegetarian and also tries to use her fame to raise awareness for good causes, including donations to Greenpeace with the money her father pays her to take princess lessons from her grandmother.

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Between the tenth and eleventh books, Mia goes to college and establishes a youth community center. Mia's friendship with Lilly Moscovitz is a focal point of the series. Though they often clash due to Mia's insecurity and Lilly's forcefulness, they remain best friends until major conflicts arise in the later books of the series.

Another central plot line of the books is Mia's relationship with Michael Moscovitz, Lilly's older brother. Their relationship survives obstacles throughout several books of the series, such as their age difference and Mia's often overwrought anxieties, as Mia works out how to effectively manage romantic relationships as a maturing adolescent. She has similar qualities, but her father is dead, and her last name is Renaldi instead of Renaldo, and she lives in San Francisco instead of New York.

Clarisse is the dowager princess of Genovia and Mia's paternal grandmother. As a young woman, she married Prince Rupert Renaldo and had two sons. She habitually omits Mia's mother's surname "Thermopolis" from her granddaughter's lengthy list of names and titles, much to Mia's annoyance.

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She speaks French most of the time, but she can also speak English. She is almost always accompanied by her miniature poodle, Rommel, who is notable for having a severe case of OCD that causes him to lick his own fur off. She smokes often and enjoys drinking sidecars. She is not hesitant about lying or manipulating others in order to get her own way.

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She and Mia don't see eye to eye: Clarisse is concerned with attracting publicity to Genovia and ensuring Mia does not embarrass her country while Mia prefers to focus on politics. Though she and Mia butt heads often, she does care for her granddaughter and gives her advice about love and relationships that Mia takes with a grain of salt due to her grandmother's cold nature. For example, when Clarisse was married to the king of Genovia, she led him to believe that she was only interested in his status and money and never once said "I love you", in order to keep her husband on his toes. Mia also mentions that her father is terrified of his mother because she would lock him in the palace dungeons whenever he misbehaved although when she informs him that he gives the appearance of being a little bit scared of Clarisse in Princess in the Spotlight , her father replies that he is not scared of his mother and that she really isn't as bad as Mia thinks; in his view, Clarisse "just needs proper handling".

While in New York to give Mia her princess lessons, the dowager princess resided in the Plaza Hotel, and was dissatisfied with other quality luxury hotels she was placed in during Princess On the Brink , when the Plaza was being remodeled. Mia's best friend since kindergarten, Lilly is a highly intelligent and opinionated person who has her own public-access television show, titled Lilly Tells It Like It Is , in which she discusses political and social issues.

By the end of the series, her TV show is picked up by a network and is apparently very popular in South Korea. Mia admires Lilly's bravery and unwillingness to be pushed around by others, though Lilly knows her insensitivity and forceful personality can cause her to be disliked. Mia and Lilly often enjoy discussing popular culture, but Lilly's strong stances often cause her and Mia to clash, especially when Mia feels Lilly is becoming too critical of her.

Nevertheless, Lilly's blunt attitude is what often keeps Mia from over-analyzing things, such as her relationship with Michael, Lilly's older brother. Mia was initially afraid to share her crush on Michael with Lilly, but in fact, Lilly was one of the conspirators who helped Mia and Michael get together in Princess in Love. Lilly is not considered to be very pretty; Mia often describes her face as being "squashed in like a pug's".

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However, she has a well-developed figure, which earns her several romantic suitors, including Boris Pelkowski, Mia's cousin Hank, Jangbu the immigrant busboy, J. Reynolds, and Kenny Showalter. Boris is Lilly's first boyfriend, but the relationship ends when she begins seeing Jangbu in Princess in Pink. In Party Princess , Lilly hooks up with J.

Lilly becomes angry at Mia when she finds out that Mia kissed J. Lilly ignores Mia's attempts to make up until she finds out that Mia is planning to lose her virginity to J. Lilly also helps indirectly repair Mia and Michael's relationship. The girls make up and become best friends again; they are still close by the events of Royal Wedding , with Lilly now attending Columbia Law School. Michael donates a robot arm to Genovia from his company for free even though the waiting list is long, helping Mia's father win the election.

Mia realizes that she is still in love with Michael, but tries to convince herself otherwise. When she and Michael kiss on a coach ride, however, she writes, "I can't do this to J. I just can't. Oh my God, though, I love Michael so much. P using her and lying to her, she and Michael reunite, spending the night together. On April 6, , Cabot announced a mistake on the back cover of her new book, Party Princess. She said, "Don't worry. The copies of Princess Diaries 7 with Georgia Byng's picture on the back were pulled from shops, and swapped for copies of the book with the correct author's photo mine on the back.

In December , Cabot announced that a mistake had been made in the front cover summary of Valentine Princess. Since the book chronicles Mia glancing at her old diaries, the characters Boris and Tina were not dating, rather Boris and Lilly. On the book flap, however, it says Boris and Tina are a couple. Cabot has announced that this has been fixed by the publishing company. Tina was dating Dave Farouq El-Abar at the time of books one and two. In the tenth book Forever Princess Mia is writing a novel for her senior project, though she keeps it a secret from everyone but Michael, until the end of the book.

At the end however she reveals this to Tina and J. Tina reads it instantly and thinks it is about Mia and Michael; J. At the end of the book, Mia receives an offer to get it published. When Mia shares this news with Michael, they celebrate and this leads to a kiss, which proves that they are still in love. Cabot has thanked the films many times in interviews and on her website because she believes that they helped boost her book sales, as well as making her the success that she is today. Viswanathan's novels were subsequently pulled from the shelves.

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Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We got to our hostel around noon and since it was still pouring rain I spent most of the day sleeping. Today was our free day to explore Magnetic Island. Later in the afternoon I decided to get a day ticket for the bus and explore the island a bit. From Magnetic Island we took another train up the coast to Tully.

When getting out of the train the first thing you will notice is the heat and the humidity. We surely made it to Tropical Queensland. Tully might only be a small town, but the nature here is what really is astonishing. We were going to go on a special rainforest experience together with an expert guide and spend the night camping underneath the stars in the Tully National Park. Our first task was to set up camp on the camp ground together with our guide.

After that we headed to a lovely spot along the Tully river to go for a swim at the waterfalls and drove around to spot some wildlife. When we got back to the campsite we prepared a BBQ together and later that night shared some stories and a bag of marshmallows around the campfire. In the morning after a surprisingly good sleep, an indigenous woman took us on a walk through the rainforest.

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