Living with Food Intolerance (Overcoming Common Problems)

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Allergic Sensitization and Secondary Immune Responses

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Food Allergy Myths and Misconceptions

An allergy is when your body's immune system thinks the food is harmful and tries to fight it off. Some symptoms of food intolerance -- sometimes called sensitivity -- and allergies are similar.

You should see a doctor to learn for sure what's causing your problem, but there are some clues. Intolerances usually show up as stomach trouble like gas , pain , bloating , or diarrhea -- not the rashes , hives , and watery eyes that are common with allergies.

The Gut Flora-Food Allergies Connection

You often have to eat a lot of the food, and it may take an hour or more for you to have symptoms. It can be uncomfortable, but food intolerances usually aren't dangerous. FODMAPs cause gas , bloating, and abdominal pain in some people usually those with other digestive issues.

Your doctor will ask about your medical history, the foods you eat, and your symptoms and may suggest some screening tests. You also may need to keep a detailed food and symptoms diary.

Food Intolerances: What You Need to Know

Your doctor may suggest an exclusion diet : You'll stop eating foods that are the most common intolerance triggers. As these foods are slowly brought back into your eating plan, you and your care provider will keep track of your symptoms so you can see which foods or additives you are sensitive to.

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Lactose intolerance is very common in adults. To see if you have it, your doctor may ask you to take dairy out of your diet for a couple of weeks to see if you feel better. Your doctor also may recommend a test called a hydrogen breath test, which you can take at her office.