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Perhaps you will be in the center of this conflict and maybe you are only going to be an observer. Avoid getting into serious arguments because this might hurt your friendship with someone you are very close with. This dream can also be a representation of conflicts with your professors and school teachers, so make sure you avoid any unnecessary conflict you might regret.

If you are older and you had a dream about war, then this dream is a warning sign that someone you love and who is close to you could die. This person could also move away or you might get into a fight with him or her.

Dreams in a Time of War: A Childhood Memoir: Ngugi wa Thiong'o: vabohindcophe.gq: Books

In all cases this person is going to leave your life and you will be devastated because of that. If you were sending someone to war in your dream, then this dream symbolizes a fight you are about to have with this person. A misunderstanding you will get into could cause you to lose a close friend or family member so be careful about the words you choose.

If you had a dream about the destruction that was left after the war, then this dream symbolizes negative traits you are about to discover in your partner. These traits will be something you are going to have a hard time dealing with, so be prepared for almost anything.

If you had a dream about a declaration of war then this dream represents a meeting or an event that is about to take place. This event is very important to you and you feel very anxious about it. Try not to think about bad things that might happen and instead think about the positive outcome of this event.

The more you focus on the negative the more anxious you will become. Something major is going to happen that will completely change everything you are used to. Be prepared to embrace these changes and make the best of them instead of panicking. If you had a dream about a war battle, then this dream is a representation of struggles in your real life. You are perhaps struggling to keep your social position or your current job position. It will help you relax and get more energy for your future actions.

Dreaming of escaping from the war. If you have seen in your dream that you have escaped from the war, it means that you need some kind of a break in your life. If you have too many problems right now, it may be necessary to take some break and to make a good plan for resolving your problems. Most important is to be brave enough to face all the problems that you have and not to give up, even if the situation might be so hard.


Dreams of war and conflict

Dreaming of winning in the war. If you have dreamed that you were the winner in the war, it is a very good sign. This dream indicates that you will have a lot of success in the future period. Not only will you be successful in your career, but also in your private life. If you had this type of a dream, it also means that now is the right time to invest your money in something. Also, it is the right time to start the new project because it will certainly bring you a lot of success.

A dream about winning the war is telling you that you should use this period the best you can, because you will have great opportunities in front of you. Dreaming of being defeated in the war. If you have seen in your dream that you were defeated in the war, this dream indicates that very soon you will realize that your partner is not so good as you thought.

You will be able to notice a lot of negative traits in your partner, so you will have to decide if you want to stay in such relationship or not. Dreaming of being injured in the war. This dream indicates that someone you love very much will probably hurt you in the near future, so you will be very disappointed in that person. If it happens, you should think well of the reasons why someone has hurt you and you should try to understand that person. Dreaming of being killed in the war. If you have dreamed of being killed in the war, this is not a good sign.

The Shattered Afghan Dream of Peace

This dream probably means that you have a lot of rivals in your waking life and you will be defeated by them. It could bring you a lot of troubles in the future period. Dreaming of witnessing the war. If you have dreamed of witnessing the war, it is a bad sign. This dream usually means that you are feeling afraid or insecure in your waking life. It is possible that someone is threatening to you. Dreaming of sending someone in the war. If you have dreamed of sending someone in the war, it is not a good sign. Were you connected with others on your side, or were you close to the enemy?

Were you advancing the front line, or attempting to damage the resources of your enemy? Did you know the cause for which you were fighting? Therefore, war in a dream indicates change on such a large scale that it can only be accomplished by the use of major force. Our world is a set of organized boundaries we know as countries.

Our psyches are divided in a similar way. These boundaries are, ultimately, fluid. Things change—sometimes dramatically—which leaves us feeling vulnerable. There is a distinction between war and battle. War implies an ongoing state of flux whereas battle is the actual shift taking place in a small increment of upheaval and change. If you dream of being in wartime, then your life may reflect a grand cycle of transformation that is currently taking place.

Most people living in America have never experienced wartime, but to live under the threat of war is to be in constant, hyper-awareness of danger lurking just about everywhere. If this is the case in your dream, look to where in life your defenses might be running on high. If you dream of an actual battle, then the immediacy of the symbolism implies something much more current in your waking life. Look to where changes in boundaries are eminent, both in your outside world as well as within, as many battles are with ourselves.

War On A Meadow Lyrics

Generally speaking, there are two points of focus for modern war: one is to advance the front line in either direction, essentially shifting the land borders between countries. This connects symbolically to the establishment of boundaries that we must carve out each and every day of our lives. The greater intensity of the war in your dreams, the more intense the daytime conflict being expressed is likely to be.

The other focus of war is to destroy the resources of the enemy. This has a more complex symbolism as it involves invasion and aggression; qualities which imply assumption and risk. When this is the focus of your dream, know that you are in some dark and dangerous territory. If you knew the cause you were fighting for, you must add this information to your interpretation. And even tho I only remember bits and pieces of those dream. Those bits and pieces stand out.

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Get home! But when I woke war definitely was something I thought of as well. A second dream that is vivid is that we were in a middle of a war. But I would like to speak with someone who knows a thing or 2 about the dreams I have. I had a dream similar to yours MO.

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In my dream there were gigantic concrete balls falling out of the sky and I wasnt the warrior or even fighting I was lik a jew in a modern ww2. When I woke up and started thinking about the dream it felt useless to hide from the enemy and from the boulders but then again what else was I supposed to do stand there and die? I remember her huddle into a little ball and if she couldve moved in The tight corners we had to squeeze into I knew she would sway back and forth.

Ngugi wa Thiong'o: Reading from 'Dreams in a Time of War'

And in all this catastrophe it was a hot sunny day lik in a desert in winter, a pretty nice day with beautiful white clouds and green grass patches on the ground. Well the dream I had was about hella people getting captured and tortured till they die.. Idk who though. I feel like this is what america has come to and will receive in the future.. I just woke up from a war dream. It felt so real.. My family was running away in there car not know where they were going. Me I have my own little family.

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