Doing Museology Differently (Routledge Research in Museum Studies)

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Museum studies as a field of academic inquiry has received little critical attention.

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One result of this neglect has arguably been a lack of invention in museum studies; another is the distancing of academic museum studies from museum practice. Doing Museology Differently charts a different course. A research story unfolds, challenging academic conventions at the level of its own presentation: the book combines critical museum visiting with an autobiographical voice.

The identification of a previously underexplored interdisciplinary space leads the author to experiment with museum studies using contemporary developments in the theory and practice of human geography.

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Home Doing Museology Differently. Preview this Book. Add to Wish List. Close Preview. Toggle navigation Additional Book Information. Description Table of Contents Author s Bio. Richard Ross. Thus, over the years, museology has been defined as an art, a practice, a science, an applied science, a science in the making, etc. Its object of study has also been at the heart of many discussions.

For some authors, museology deals with everything that touches upon the museum its history, its organisation, its functions, its role, etc. The lack of a common understanding on what constitutes museology is further compounded by the fact that various languages use the word differently.


Moreover, some languages have introduced into their vocabulary words that, although not exact synonyms of museology, are nonetheless interpreted that way by some authors and translators. The close association of the two words has deep historical roots; both have often, over the course of nearly two centuries of co-existence, been used indistinctively to designate the same thing.

However, much like museology, the definition of museography has evolved over time.

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This is confirmed by the dearth of information which still exists on the history of museology. It is indeed true that few authors have delved into the matter.

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It will begin by underlining the importance of the work conducted in Germany as early as the 16th century, as well as discussing the importance of the German language itself in the origins of both words. The following diagram, while not exhaustive, may be used as a reference tool to help the reader follow the text and understand the context in which the words are used.

World War II will unfortunately bring to an almost grinding halt the sudden momentum of museology and museography which begun in the late 19th century and will more or less signify the end of a slow and irregular evolution of both co-existing concepts. As a result of the war, museum courses and programs will be suspended or terminated some already hurt by the economic situation , national and international association meetings will be cancelled, and the publication of periodicals such as Mouseion will be shelved. In the aftermath of the hostilities, the descriptive and practical dimensions of museography and museology will continue to co-exist and will do so for the decades to come.

Questions linked to the methodology, the status and definition of museology, its object of study and its autonomy from other university disciplines will be central issues in the discussions that will take place in later years and that will see museology defined and redefined again.

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