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Maria Teresa Cometto is an excellent Italian journalist who lives in New York, and is now the point of reference for those who want to know more about the world of innovative start-ups in the Big Apple. She has created, together with Riccardo Luna, a wonderful exhibition called "Make in Italy": a hit already seen by ninety thousand visitors, at its opening within the great Maker Faire in Rome.

Maria Teresa, you live in New York, a city where the world of innovation and startup is in great effervescence, as you described in the book that you wrote with Alessandro Piol, "Tech and the City. I had the idea of writing "Tech and the City" talking with Alessandro Piol, a venture capitalist who has been working in New York for over thirty years and is the son of Elserino Piol, the father of Italian venture capital, funder of Tiscali, successful start-up like Yoox and many other new Italian companies.

Speaking with Alessandro we thought that few - even in New York - knew the reality of the tech start-ups in the City, which has tremendously grown, especially from onwards, even if this reality began to develop during the first Internet boom in the early s. It is a particularly interesting reality for Italy, and this is one of the reasons why we made the book: to help Italy reasoning about how to be innovative starting from industries operating in sectors other than new, because this is one of the peculiarities of technology in New York.

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Here innovation is grafted on traditional industries in the city: finance, advertising, publishing, fashion. These are all industries that have made great New York in the recent decades, and now have been revolutionized thanks to new technologies. The book begins from the mids, and shows how the technology industry has developed through or thanks to the crisis, which from time to time forced the city to rethink and to reinvent itself. The first crisis was obviously due to the Internet bubble in , and after there were not only rubble and burned billion on the stock market, but also a change of heart and the birth of new ideas, combined with the fact that shortly after the tragic collapse of the Twin Towers on Nine Eleven physically and psychologically devastated the city.

In began the second stage of technology start-ups in New York, because with the arrival of Google in Manhattan, in particular in Chelsea, an entire new sector was created, a magnet for engineers, software developers and other professionals.

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Today we have the second and sometimes third generation of start-ups in New York, because some innovative entrepreneurs do not stop when they are successful: they don't retire, they reinvest the fruits of their work in new businesses, new ideas, continuing to grow this ecosystem. You are now a point of reference for the world of startups, venture capital and Innovation Technology in New York.

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How is innovating Italy, view from there? Are there any who already landed there? Unfortunately, New York has seen very little innovating Italy. From the New York perspective, perhaps the most famous Italian innovator is Marchionne. The owners of smaller business, unfortunately, are not known yet: although I must say that in September, at the Maker Faire in New York, I loved to see a small organized group of Italian makers, many of whom Emilia Romagna, that is a very fertile land of entrepreneurs in precision engineering sector. This is not something known to the American public, but Italian machine tools are the best, actually all Italian precision machines: it is the most important export sector from Italy to America, more than fashion, food and wine.

So I would say that Italy could do much more to raise awareness of its excellence, as well as about its innovators, in this area. Ok, we need to do better. But what if I ask you about at least a name an Italian who arrived in New York and is conquering the market and gaining visibility? The first name I can give you is Alberto Pepe, who I recently met. Alberto studied at Harvard, he is an astrophysicist and he invented Authorea, a platform that allows scientists to collaborate online in the writing of papers, and also allows the scientific community to comment, discuss, criticize and improve these documents.

This is a wonderful project and I know that it is having a lot of success in the universities. Another one is Silvia Bosio, a girl from Turin who invented W-lamp, a company specializing in contemporary lighting, based in Brooklyn. Innovation in Italy: due to the genius in our DNA, but also by the many obstacles that create the need to develop our own creativity. Is there a field where we continue to be innovative, maybe even something that makes us admired and desired by the Americans? A guy who has a great success in America is Federico Marchetti, the founder of Yoox, a multinational company operating in America, Japan, and throughout Europe.

He has done his MBA in New York, and he told me that it was certainly important to follow the MBA and learn how to make a business plan and other basic things, but above all it was the experience of New York that expanded his mind: back in Italy he had the right spirit to try to found a high-tech corporation, because its system of storage and selling online involves a set of highly innovative software and hardware.

In fact, some have called Yook "the Amazon of fashion", and it's really great. Besides, at the beginning it was an Italian who created this software, a genius of the algorithm. I was struck by the fact that two years ago the New Yorker, a very chic and sophisticated weekly magazine, dedicated ten pages to Federico Marchetti. I don't think that in Italy he has never had ten pages in a magazine, though as a very successful Italian, his history is absolutely to celebrate.

Science accelerates faster, with new business sectors that once did not even exist. If you were to give advice to our young Italians on where to direct their efforts and their new ideas, what areas would you point at?

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I believe there isn't an area where we can no longer innovate. With the "Make in Italy" exhibition we are launching a competition in Italian high schools just to come up with new ideas and stimulate children's creativity. I think that it can be done, especially starting from the problems to be solved.

Clementine, che grande amica! (Italian Edition)

Because the drive is always coming from someone's problem to be solved, then that is a problem common to many other people, and then you have somebody trying to invent a solution to this problem. That is the incentive to invent something or to innovate, in order to apply science. Therefore, the difficult moments are the most fruitful for innovation. Perhaps we can say that to enter the world of innovation, of creativity, into the future All of these things together, of course!

And these are Italian victories. It always takes a great passion, and certainly dedication, in all fields. A character that really fascinated me is Nerio Alessandri, founder of Technogym.

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He started from the fact that he was a sportsman, he used to go to the gym in Cesena, Emilia Romagna, and he did not like the tools that were in those gyms because they were rudimentary: so he built one on his own, in his garage, as he liked. From there he began to sell it to the owner of his gym, then to a friend of the owner, and so on.

Today he has been the official supplier of the last 5 Olympic Games and will also be in Rio de Janeiro and other major global teams in various sports He is a real craftsman!

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An excellent Italian craftsman. It is therefore important that, thanks to wonderful initiatives such as the Rome Maker Faire, in Italy can grow a movement that is already born, to support and to be known everyday more and more. Because this creative spirit, which I have been able to verify as early as last year around Italy by presenting my book, can replace or at least change the media, the press, and the Italian culture in celebrating and publicizing these stories of inspiring successful models, thus creating a kind of trend, of fashion, pushing the young Italians to emulate them.

In the past, in this country there was room for movements of young people who had great passion, great energy, but pointed towards negativity, protest, and claim. Even today there is passion and energy, but these guys I see here, and I've been told that they are everywhere in Italy, connected by innovation, are positive, proactive, enthusiastic. It is a cultural shift that starts from the bottom, and if Italy wants to get out of the crisis cannot miss them. Let's talk about "Make in Italy. From the Program to the first 3D printed car", 20 stories to tell 50 years of innovation in Italy: the exhibition that you've created together with Riccardo Luna.

I must say that I was very thrilled about it, and the same happened to the dozens of thousands who have visited it in just two days of Maker Faire. Can you please describe it to us? Please know that We the Italians will be happy to help, if you decide to bring it in America. But even the Fort Lauderdale Boat Show, that went ahead a week late as a result of the disasters caused by Cyclone Wilma, confirmed that the appeal of large boats is very much alive. There were not the same numbers as in past years but those who went were highly motivated and numerous deals were sealed. And the success of European boats is undoubtedly linked to the valuation of the dollar against the euro.

At the moment it is only a trend but if it continues, it will open up excellent prospects for those adhering to the single currency towards the US market and countries dealing in dollars. The president of the Fraser Yacht, Carlo Agliardi, explained how the large boat market has changed and the present evolution in the brokerage sector that has been ongoing for some time, now requires a complex of initiatives and services.

Not only do we no longer wait for the clients to turn up, but we are one step ahead of them, eliminating any doubts they may have before, during and after their purchase that might see their dream of owning a boat fade. A reference media for all leisure boating operators which is already an opinion leader. Created as a section of "Nautica" it has rapidly become a successful supplement and now it is a separate international English edition with It will be distributed on a worldwide basis in the main marina, in the most important international airports and in the major newsagents in the capital cities.

It will be published at least four times per year with issues in March, June, September and December. An order form is available to subscribe to the english edition. The Italian edition will be enclosed within the usual The secret of the success of "Superyacht"? Precisely the same editorial plan borrowed from "Nautica": news, market, techniques, didactis, designs and opinions. The subject are the boats over 24 meters and all the world around them such as: economic and political opinions, market, new trends, the boats, shipyards, accessories, on board computerization, captains, tourist ports, marinas, landings, assistance and facilities on land, refitting, survayer activity, crew, nautical tourism, planning, design didactics on innovations, technical evolution, certification, leasing, insurance, international regulations.

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