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An Insightful Inquisition. Christopher Kuhns. Apocalypse Melodies. Michael Boughn. The Beginning of Ownership. Thorstein Veblen. Thought Bites. Dennis van Westerborg.

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Dalton Peltier. Stoned Immaculate. Shoshana Milgram Knapp. Lepota Luba Cosmo. Usurper Kings.

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Inches of toes in lines with feet of body all may ready just are waited for chances. Partial self and partial sages are far away morals all to keep. Clocks will turn but you had to fix them. Freedom all with gains and loose and then all are moving steps to math. Cauchy3-BookPoems 15 sadness. Joys to catch are eyes to fetch. Kwame Dawes is the author of fifteen collections of poetry, two novels, four anthologies, and numerous essays and plays. Since he has taught at the University of Nebraska, and lives in Lincoln, Nebraska.

Poet Honor Moore, a Guggenheim Fellow and widely recognized poet and playwright, has selected some of the seminal works of women's poetry that defined the equal rights movement of the s, s, and s. The collection captures the defiance and purposefulness of the women involved in an era that was filled with expectation and an explorative spirit. A vital addition to any poetry library. A cigar-smoking proponent of free-verse modernism in open rebellion against her distinguished Boston lineage, Amy Lowell cut an indelible public figure in her lifetime. This new selection explores Lowell's full formal range, including 'cadenced verse,' 'polyphonic prose,' narrative poetry, and adaptations from the Chinese, and gives a fresh sense of the passion and energy of her work. | Cauchy3-BookPoems, Cheung Shun Sang | | Boeken

More intimate and personally revealing than his fiction, and more classical in form than the inventive metafictions that are his hallmark, the sonnets reflect Borges in full maturity, paying homage to many of his literary and philosophical paragons - Cervantes, Milton, Whitman, Emerson, Joyce, Spinoza - while at the same time engaging the mysteries immanent in the quotidian.

Enhanced by twenty-three new poems, offers a two-decade retrospective drawn Angel's three previously published collections. Khorramshai, Academy of Philosophy, Tehran. Included in the Introduction… the life and Times and Poetry of Nizami and on the various forms of poetry he used and a Selected Bibliography. The correct rhyme-structure has been kept as well as the beauty and meaning of these beautiful, mystical poems. If he comes to Iran I will kiss the fingertips that wrote such a masterpiece inspired by the Creator of all and I will lay down my head at his feet out of respect. He composed over forty books mainly in the epic masnavi form of rhyming couplets, his most famous being The Book of God and The Conference of the Birds.

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Pure are lands are scopes of minds. The struggles of a rational mind with religious faith are recorded in this collection of poems on Job, other biblical personalities, and victims of the Holocaust, as well as poems that explore the meaning of loss, grief, and human life. Jewish Studies. Middle Eastern Studies. Translated from the Hebrew by Barbara Goldberg. Moshe Dor's poems breathe, smell and taste like Israel.

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