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He is that lad and he is Osiris, Come to live in me, part of the stumbling glory of things. One of the finest modern poets of the South Asian diaspora, Alexander writes in lyric free verse, with strains of more formal poetic traditions. At the same time, it is hard to pin down a particular style and technique in her work.

Her imagery is vivid and the language sculpted in an ornate yet zen-like manner.

Robert Alexander, Alison Townsend - Isthmus | Madison, Wisconsin

There is much music in her verse and this lilting, lullaby quality that comes from the repetition of certain images, end rhymes, and questions that have a refrain-like quality. This constant sense of tear represents the violence of being uprooted.

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After all these years, Alexander is still asking:? The book is seventy-pages long and divided into five sections. Loose threads of life and experience brush against your fingertips.

You feel the fat seams of things that have been torn and stitched. You hear the voices of the young girl on the ship wanting to know where they are going and the poet who is growing older and wondering whether her poems matter. You thought that by crossing all these seas Writing all these poems something would happen. But nothing has happened except that you have grown Older; that is one part of it, the other the gods know But keep quiet about.

In this collection, Meena Alexander gives us an atlas of poems, a book threaded with the silk of her life experience. Shikha Malaviya www. Her book, Geography of Tongues , was published in December and featured in several literary festivals.

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Shikha is a co-founder of The Great Indian Poetry Collective, a literary press dedicated to new poetic voices from India. She currently lives in the San Francisco bay area. Mike Chen is a lifelong writer, from crafting fan fiction as a child to somehow getting paid for words as an adult.

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He has contributed to major geek websites […]. The retreat […]. Linen Theme by The Theme Foundry. Alexander revisits the mythic story of Sita, transported from ancient India to modern day Manhattan: Sita bathed in sand. Sita-found-in-a-field We also find a vulnerable Cleopatra, hiding behind dark glasses, in a brilliant poem that fuses the ancient with the modern. First question on the mini-marquee of your game show history, neon lights and three doors to choose from: Who does this remind you of?

The Party Train: A Collection of North American Prose Poetry

You got a fast car, my birthplace, my home; maybe together we can get somewhere. Tracy Chapman wrote you a ballad some years back, but I think you had the volume turned down. Be honest, America, who does this remind you of? Too cynical for your taste perhaps? Land of the souped-up, land of the spoiler, land of singing along with abandon as if you wrote every song all by yourself.


America, this means you, and this means me, too. Hear me now.

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  • Lay Down, Body. Go Down, Moses. Deep Down in my Heart, America, I think you want to stop gripping that steering wheel so hard. I think you want to surrender the contents of your glove box, too. Looking for amnesty, my fractured nation? You should start by facing yourself in the rust-rimmed mirror in the all-night commode of your friendly neighborhood truck stop.

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    Steal Away and Pray. Study War No More. Will the Circle Be Unbroken. What can I say? But what about the ramparts? I Want to Be Ready.